Warmińska Winnica

is located at the mouth of the river Kiermas and nearby the forest, in an expressive 5 hectare Urstromtal of Bogdańskie Lake. We offer our guests two residential houses, two summer cottages and a campsite. Both houses and cottages are comfortably equipped. There is a place of public entertainment with a bar, billiard table, table tennis and darts at our guests' disposal. On the premises we also have two fishing ponds, a garden, a playground, a beach volleyball court as well as a zip line, charming gazebos, an orchard and a meadow.

A little bit of history


is a picturesque village situated 13 km from Olsztyn, among unique lakes and forests. It was founded by Henryk from Łajsy, a lokator of Barczewo and a brother of Jan, who was a founder of Olsztyn.The privilege of setting up the village was signed on November 11, 1362. The place was bought by canons from the only heiress - Sophia, widow of Michael Schaybot. In its original form the village had an area of 60 lans (about 1039 hectares). The village was named after the state leader Balthasar Skaiboth, who played a major role during the Thirteen Years' War. In the course of the ages, however, the name of the village changed several times, from Skaiboth, through Skaibutis, Skaibutai, Scayboth, Scayboten or Skajwoty and Skaibotten to the nowaday's Skajboty.

Herkus Monte.

In the vineyard we produce the wine from the finest grapes under our own brand Herkus Monte. We serve the wine to our guests with greatest pleasure. - Depending on the time of the year, they can also participate in the grape harvest and in a number of attractions associated with it, including watching the various stages of vinification and visiting the wine cellar.

For our clients


We organize optional sightseeing tours, sleigh rides but we can also organize a wedding reception, a First Communion or christening party or other special event or an integration event for a company.

Not only by canoe.

The village borders with Bogdańskie Lake, through which flows the Kiermas river - a trail of unforgettable canoe trips. The area is famous for its ponds and marshes, which are a natural refuge for wildlife (elks, wolves, deer, roe deer, wild boars, foxes, hares, badgers, European polecats, otters, beavers, raccoons) and rare bird species (eagles,fish eagles, hawks, gray herons, scythes, jays, partridges, common cranes). During summer birds like storks, wild ducks and hoopoes breed within our area.